Hung Up Wet 

Credits /  Special Thanks 

Track 1 - #Peacesong

Jon Oswald- 11 string guitar, Vocals

Jason Andrews - Keyboards, Bass guitar, Percussion

Lennon Oswald- Barks

Track 2 - Blue

Jon Oswald - Acoustic guitar, Vocals

Jason Andrews - Piano, Percussion, Bass guitar

Track 3 - Loves Me So

Jon Oswald - Acoustic guitar, Vocals, Whistles

Jason Andrews - Bass guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Finger snaps

Track 4 - Ode To Joe

Jon Oswald- Acoustic guitar

Track 5 - Shifting Sands

Jon Oswald- Acoustic guitar, Lead guitar, Vocals

Jason Andrews - Keyboards, Percussion, Bass guitar

All songs recorded/mixed/mastered by Jason Andrews 

at Spotlight Sound Studio in beautiful Milton, Georgia.

Produced by Jason Andrews and Jon Oswald

All music and lyrics by Jon Oswald. 

Full lyrics included in album notes.

Copyright@jonoswaldrecords 2019

Jon would like to thank his friends and family for their constant support and unconditional love. 

Special thanks to :

My Momma - for introducing me to grapefruit, diet pepsi and Tom Jones.

My Pops - for Sinatra and the "vicissitudes of life".

Jackson and Ella Lee -  for my everything. 

Joseph Marion Herbig -  for my second chance.

My four strong sisters that held me up - Judith, Leslie, Cath, Paula.

My two strong brothers that beat me up - Brucey and Kurtselburtsel. 

The Alpharetta Group of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Jeff Backer and Jeff Hertling for the guitar love.

Barbie @GakiMedia for the photos.

Josh, Jose and the whole crew at the Haynes Bridge QT. 

The Fabulous Jami O'Shea Johnson.

Epiphone guitars, dB Electronics, Elixir strings, Halls cough drops. 

Peter Frampton, Jason Isbell, Parker Millsap, John Fullbright, Lukas Nelson,

James McMurtry, Aimee Mann, Tyler Childers, Paul Thorn, Ella Fitzgerald

and everyone on my playlist.  

This EP was running in my head for a couple years. 

Jason Andrews brought those noises out and made them come to life. 

Thanks pal for your talent, musicianship, understanding, and friendship. 

Very special thanks to my sweethearts:

My pup, Lennon. He's had my back the whole ride. 

I love you, buddy. Park soon. 

My gal, Joanie. The best roadie ever! 

Thanks for helping me to lead with my heart 

and for being my light throughout this project.

I love you,sweetie. Park soon.